Saoirse Cambell / Investigator


I have been interested in the paranormal since as far back as i can remember. my experiences started from a very young age and thats when i grew and interested. As an amature i used to go out hunting "ghosts" with friends but never really knew what i was doing. Until i met GSI, they give me a good understanding of the paranormal and helped ne in areas that needed inprovement. They also made me aware that its not just about proving existance but to find answers. I am priveledged to now be a full time member of GSI and so my journey continues....


Sarah Monaghan/ Investigator


I grew up in Bangor, Co.Down and from a very young age I have loved listening to scary stories and watching horror movies. I used to watch 'Goosebumps' which to me was scary at the time and then later I watched 'Strange but true' and 'The X Files'. Growing up my favourite movie was 'The Shining' but now it has to be 'Shutter Island'. As you can see the paranormal has always interested me which is why I love being a part of GSI. I have two degrees both in scientific topics. Therefore when I'm investigating a location that is claimed to be haunted I'm always looking for scientific evidence of the paranormal.

Karen McCready / investigator


From as long as I can remember I've enjoyed exploring places steeped in history..... from castles and old buildings to disused gaols and hospitals. Not to mention countless hours spent wandering around graveyards and old churches -the creepier the better! Part of my love of history is the myths, legends and ghost stories that follow these places down through the centuries, particularly the more gruesome! This alongside a personal ghostly experience at 17, ignited my passion of the paranormal and the desire to discover answers. I have much to learn about becoming a fully fledged paranormal investigator but I couldn't have found better friends to guide me than Ghost Searchers Ireland as we search for answers together -Go Team Blue!!