St Marks Eve nationwide vigils

st mark

PROJECT REVEAL St Marks Eve Nation wide paranormal investigation. Conducting an investigation in a local church porch and revive an old tradition. The Team..Gary,Caron,Anne and David Guests.......Warren and Jill The Nationwide investigation was taking place from 11.00 pm to 1.00 am. on 24th April. We arrived at the churchyard at 11.00 pm and after setting up our audios and night vision cameras Gary got in touch with Lee Steer to register the team. We opened the night up with protection and then carried out vigils at different corners of the graveyard. The night was quiet but we did a lot of EVP work and hopefully will have caught something on our Zooms and Digital recorders. David did a vigil in the church porch and got a response by a knock on the door. Franks Box. During our experiment with the Franks Box we were given a lot of names of people possibly connected to the church. One particular person objected to us being there as he did'nt approve to what we were doing. It will be interesting to listen back to on the audio. We finished the investigation at 1.00 am The GSI team were happy to support the Project Reveal paranormal team with this experiment.