the ghost effect (13)

Searching for DEfinitive proof

THE TEAM. Gary, Caron, Anne,David,Nicky,Gerard,Sheena,Warren. Production company...Yellow Fever Productions. The team met up in one of the local restaurants for dinner before proceeding to the location to begin our filming. We began the night with protection and energy building and then split into two teams in two different areas of the building. Activity was experienced very early on in the night and was caught on our Audio equipment and Night vision cameras. The area has a great history of Vikings so it was suggested we do an outdoor investigation. Investigations done in the open can be difficult in obtaining evidence as there are a lot of natural noises. Some very interesting things did happen and will be revealed at a later date. We finished the night with a Frank's Box session. Summary This location has never been investigated before. We picked up names of people who were attached to the buildings and they were confirmed by the people who work there. On the outdoor investigation we did pick up a few things but these must be looked at before we can confirm them as Paranormal. Some other things did happened which are unexplainable. The Team carried out a great investigation and now look forward to the next.. Anne