RICHHILL CASTLE ON GOING INVESTIGATION 28th April 2011 Team : Gary,Caron,Anne, David, Nicky. Guests : Sheena,Gerard and Warren from ( S.p.i.r.i.t ) The team was welcomed at Richhill by Helen Lyttle wife of the late Gordon Lyttle. The activity began early with David having Mortar dropped down on his head while walking up the stairs. This was witnessed by some team members. We did a check and both the ceiling and the walls were intact in the area it happened. Vigil in Death Room After setting up our CCTVcameras we held our first vigil in the Death room. This room we found very active before and it did'nt let us down this time either. We did glass Divination and at one time the glass was knocked off the table.. Gary carried out a very unusual experiment and without telling the team left a card on the floor and asked the spirit to take the glass to where the card was. Without hesitation the glass moved to the edge of the table and the card was lying directly beneath it. This experiment was a huge success. It was also a night of knocks and disembodied voices. Vigil 2 We split up into three teams carrying out vigils in the seance room,the death room and the entrance hall. Gary,Gerard and Warren in the Death room had the experience of someone watching them and then the Geophone being set off with no one near it. Caron,David and Sheena experienced some knocks and bangs in the seance room. Anne and Nicky did table tipping in the entrance hall.The spirit they were working with moved the table up and down the hall. The rest of the team came down to join them.Gary heard footsteps on the stairs and the table quickly moved up to the stairs where the spirit was standing. A few time the table moved down to the front door..Was this a hint to leave? New Members For some time GSI have been looking for new members. Tonight we were testing two people out and had them carry out a lone vigal to see how they would react in a dark room on their own..We care happy to announce Sheena and Gerard are now trainee investigators with GSI. The Summary This again was another great investigation. Unfortunately we did'nt have time to use the fantastic Franks Box.. We tried out our new HD CCTV cameras and found the picture quality excellent. The glass divination experiment is unexplainable. The table tipping was an experience for us all. The whole night was brilliant.All the evidence has been recorded and made into a film and can be seen on our web site,facebooks and You Tube. It was also lovely to talk to Helen Lyttle.. Anne GSI