GHOST SEARCHERS IRELAND Paranormal investigation in Queen Street Police Station Belfast. 7th Sept. 2011 TEAM: Gary, Caron, Anne, David, Nicky, Gerard, Warren. HISTORY Queen Street Police Station dating back to the 1870s is an old RUC Barracks and during the troubles was reputed to be one of the most bombed building in N.Ireland It was previously a children’s hospital and had a Mental wing attached. The three story building is a maze of corridors. On one of these corridors we came across the holding cells and this was where we decided to begin our night’s investigation. Motion sensors were set up along the corridor and we had our cameras, Zooms and voice recorders running. VIGIL 1 Shortly into the vigil a child came forward. She stood beside David and gave knocks to our questions. The radiator was rattled and we heard noises in the room. Contact was also made with a member of the armed forces and another person who worked in the building. Nicky was very upset by what this person imposed on her and they were asked to stand back. VIGIL 2 We split into two teams. Nicky, Gerard, Gary and Warren were in a room with black walls and quotes written in chalk all over the walls. This room had a terrible atmosphere and did have something lurking in the corners which was’nt nice. It was seen moving about the floor. Caron, Anne and David did glass work in a room beside the cells. A young Gunner came through. He loved his football and still supported his favourite Team. The child came through. She did’nt communicate a lot she just made little noises in the room. The person who worked in the building came through too. We did find out a bit about him. He was just another one of the casualties of the troubles. FRANKS BOX We finished the night of with a Franks Box session. As usual we were told to “Get Out” .I suppose we are in their territory. SUMMARY This is one spooky building. We have only scratched the surface with this one. You can feel the atmosphere when you go in. At one time we thought there was someone in the building with us as a lot of noises were heard coming from the top floors. GSI have full investigation rights to this building and will be going back to continue our research. Anne.