Searching for DEfinitive proof

  Ghost Searchers Ireland Queen Street Old RUC Barracks Belfast 18/10/2011 Investigation 2. Duration of investigation....4 hours........ This police station is said to be the most bombed building in Belfast On arrival the team set up their equipment and cameras and began their investigation in the black room which is on the top floor. Out side the room we heard footsteps walking along the corridor and objects being moved about. We were the only people in the building. Communication Board Tonight we decided to experiment with a communication board. This was something new for GSI and the results were amazing. We made contact with a very intelligent lady who was very happy to work with us. We conducted an experiment with her in the dark and she delighted us with her accuracy. Look out for our film to see the results of this experiment. Franks Box Our favourite piece of equipment. We always have a Franks Box session. We had a lady who worked there say "Hello"to us and then had a Detective come through. Our Scottish Friend who we met on a previous investigation also made himself known. After this vigil we carried out a short seance. The area around the table was ice cold. We heard people walking up and down the corridor,doors closing and lights in the kitchen area. This is an ongoing investigation so we will have to come back. There are areas including the cells which we hav'nt investigated yet. This building has a lot more to give up. Anne