House Investigation in Belfast

GHOST SEARCHERS IRELAND House investigation in Belfast Team : Gary, Caron, Anne, David,Nicki,Gerard,Sheena and Warren The team were contacted by the owner of this private house as the family have been experiencing a lot of Paranormal activity. Owing to the sensitivity of this case we are unable to reveal our clients name and address. Once the initial interview was over a date was set and the team set out with their equipment to carry out an investigation in the house. On our arrival the family left and the Investigation began. The house is a two storey three bedroomed house with a loft. The only piece of furniture in the loft was a wooden rocking chair which had been left by the previous owners. The lady reported of lying in bed and hearing the rocking chair rocking above her. The activity started early as most of the team witnessed an object hit the window blinds which was never found. Some of us when we entered the living room suffered from stomach pains and being light headed. We split up and carried out vigils in the living room, bedrooms and the loft and activity was reported in each one. Each vigil was closely monitered and we used our night vision cameras and Audio equipment to capture any movement and sounds. SUMMARY We did find this house to be quite active and has a very aggressive male spirit who is causing a lot of problems. A report will be forwarded to our clients when all the evidence has been gone over. On the lady's request we removed the rocking chair and it has now been destroyed. We were also given permission to film this private investigation as she felt that it is very important that people who are having activity in their homes should not be embarrased to seek help. Our mediums who work with us will be going in shortly to do a clearing. Anne