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Summer Solstice Ghost Hunt 2011

  SUMMER SOLSTICE WORLD WIDE LIVE GHOST HUNT 21st June 2011 in Becketts Bar and Restaurant Belfast Presentation Team The GSI Team....Gary Caron Anne David Nicola Gerard Sheena The BPI Team....Brian and Veronica The Spirit Team..Warren The CPI Team....Darren and Jacqui Independent P.I....Sara Presenter.....George Clarke Live stream Hostess...AnneMarie Cameramen...James and Roddy Doors were opened at 7.0'clock and The room began to fill up quickly. We were amazed at the amount of people who attended, there were over 120 people in all at the Ghost Hunt. Every one was colour coded into teams and there was great excitement when the Live-stream was turned on and the first teams were sent out to their designated locations. Anne and Veronica were in the Warehouse doing Seance Work. Caron and Brian were in the Kitchens doing Glass Divination and experimenting with the PX Machine. David and Sheena were in the Night Club with the Franks Box and Gerard and Nicky were in the Lounge doing Glass Divination and Table work. We had CCTV cameras in each location and each vigil could be watched on a large screen set up down stairs so everyone could view the activity as it was happening. There was so much happening in each room. Many people had their own personal experiences. Summary This was our first Live event as GSI and we are happy on how the night went..owing to the large amount of people in the room the Live Stream was a bit noisy but then this a risk you take when going Live. Over 12,000 people logged on in three and a half hours from all over the World,Up to 60 people in the live chat room. The feedback we got at the end of the night was fantastic. Many people asking when the next one was.. Thankyou to the Paranormal Teams who came to support us. A Big Thanks to Darren, Warren, Sara and Jacqui for helping us. We hope you enjoyed the experience. Ghost Searchers Ireland is already in discussions with another exciting location for the next LIVE GHOST HUNT!! Watch this space.........