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What are ghosts? People believe that ghosts or spooks, come back to live on Earth. Some called poltergeist live in houses and often their apparitions can be seen. A ghost has been defined as the bodiless spirit of a dead person that appears before the living. In the past most of the population believed in ghosts. Sometimes they longed to meet the apparition of a friend or a family member, but at the same time were still afraid of their ghosts. Today most people do not believe that a dead person can return to Earth as a phantom. But there have been many stories told about such ghosts. One is that a dead person's spirit comes back to the house where they lived and sets up residence once again. A house that is said to have a ghost is called a haunted house. According to the stories, many ghosts are peaceful but a few of them are loud and even vicious. The belief in apparitions is found in all societies of mankind. It is based on the belief that the soul is different from the body and separates from the body at the time of death to exist somewhere else. In folklore, spooks emerge as living persons in various shapes or forms; they are sometimes described as being pale or hazy. Some have even reported a ghost as being transparent. A poltergeist is an invisible spirit that causes disorder by making a knocking or rapping noise in the home. They can move furniture across a room, throw things through the air or shake dishes off a shelf. Poltergeists have been linked to the presence of children. In the story, A Christmas Carol, several ghosts make a visit to the penny-pinching Mr.Scrooge. In many poems and stories of the past, ghost come back to remind people of something significant. Today many people like to have amusement with the fancy of spirits. They dress up as a ghost for Halloween or tell spooky ghost stories from their front porch.

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