Dobbins Inn,Carrickfergus


  Paranormal investigation 7th April 2011 TEAM : Gary,Caron Anne, David, Nicola and our Guest Sheena. The old Dobbin family castle was built in the early 13th century by the Norman Knight Reginald D'Aubin. The inn is reputed to be haunted by Maud (Elizabeth) the wife if a 17th century commander of Carrickfergus castle. Maud had an affair with a soldier nicknamed Buttoncap. Her husband returned early,discovered the infidelity and killed them both. Thomas Seeds Room We chose this room for our first vigil because of it's links to Thomas Seeds. An old fireplace was discovered and behind it was found piles of old newspapers and an excercise book belonging to Thomas Seeds dating back to 1753. We began the night with Seance work. A female energy entered the room and gave her name as Elizabeth. Through glass divination we learned of her unhappiness and she imposed her feeling on one of our team members. She stroked our faces and just made us all very aware of her presence. There were lots of shadows and movement in the corner. It was in the Narrow corridor outside this room Gary and Sheena experienced the noise of a lady's dress swishing past them. Franks Box The teams favourite piece of equipment. During the Franks Box session we were spoken to in French and also a very polite English Voice. An agressive person we met on a previous investigation came through and told us to "Get out" and to "F... off". Language you would never hear on the Radio. Function Room Automatic Writing experiment. Our experiment with the automatic writing was for the girls in the team to try automatic writing to see what would come through. What we did get was..Nicola drew a Calvalier wearing a Busby and Anne wrote the word Gaol. David our team historian later informed us that a British Cavalry Regiment was stationed in the castle and it was used as a Gaol when it was an RIC Barracks. So this experiment was successful. The rest of the night was spend doing lone vigels. Summary This building dates back to 1200 and has seen many battles and killings outside it's walls. A priests hole can still be seen in the reception area and a tunnel once ran underground to Carrickfergus Castle. We have experience a lot here tonight. The equipment used were a Geophone ,Trifield Meter, Digital thermometer,Zoom H2s,Digital cameras and night vision cameras. We believe this place to be haunted and will be returning again to continue our investigation.