GHOST SEARCHERS IRELAND PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION THE ISOLATED COTTAGE 12TH MAY 2011 INVESTIGATORS. Gary, Caron, Anne, David, Nicky, Gerard and Sheena Equipment used Laser torches,Geo-phone,Zoom H2 Digital recorders, Digital cameras and Night Vision cameras. A family had once lived in this house and owing to persistent poltergeist activity they packed their belongings and fled leaving all the furniture and bedding. The structure of the house is quite good but the interior has deteriorated due to the broken windows and wet weather..The place had such an eerie feeling and as we stood out side we heard bangs from inside and a woman's cough was heard coming from an upstairs bedroom.. The Black Horse A beautiful black horse befriended us and followed us about the yard and the cows in the field lined up along the hedge to see what we were doing. Without warning something startled the horse and it galloped at speed past us, turned and galloped down the lane. The cows stampeded to the bottom of the field. What had made these animal react like this. Did something not want us here? VIGIL 1 The first vigil was held in the kitchen using a Laser Torch which was pointed down the hall .We experienced a lot of bangs and shuffling from upstairs but the big event of the night was when most of us saw the Spirit break the beams of the laser torch as it walked from the kitchen and down the hall..Each person gave the same description of what they had seen. VIGIL 2 The girls held a vigil in the living room. The spirit was sensed over in the corner watching us and when we put the lazer torch on he moved away, he wasn't going to be seen twice on one night. The boys up the stairs had a different experience. David was doubled up with severe pains in his stomach which disappeared as quickly as it came. They heard footsteps on the landing and the PX machine gave the word " officer " and another word which we think was the name of the house. Franks Box We love the Franks Box. As a test David spoke out all our names and asked the spirit to repeat them which it did and very clearly. We asked a lot of questions but were kept getting told to "Get out". This happened a lot of times and was getting more aggressive. We then thought it better for every ones safety to finish the night off.. Summary This was a really brilliant location to investigate. We have no idea what upset the horse and the cows. Nicky, one of our team members works with horses and told us a horse when being ridden at speed holds it's tail up which this horse was doing so that leaves a lot to think about. Four members of the team witnessed the spirit walking through the Laser beam and we were all told in an aggressive manner to get out. Clearly there is a lot going on in this house. As we left the horse followed us down the lane spooked us out and seen us off the property.. Anne PS Gerard Hughes we owe you