BECKETTS Bar. Belfast Paranormal Investigation 24th March 2011 TEAM Gary, Caron, Anne, David, Nicola Becketts on the Stewartstown Road in Belfast was previously known as the Hitching Post. The building is situated on what was the original coach route from Belfast to Dublin. Many a weary passenger stopped by here for refreshments while the horses were changed and it was in these stables a girl called Mary was said to have hung herself. Later on the bar had a name change and became known as the Derby House..The building was blown up in the troubles in 1998 and was rebuilt in 2000 and is now known as Becketts. The owner and staff have experienced lots of Paranormal Activity.. The Photograph A member of the staff had taken a picture using a mobile phone in the bar which showed up a bright figure. We were undecided about this, thinking it was reflection off lights or a mirror. The team decided to go to the same area and take our own pictures and at the moment are comparing the two pictures. Vigil 1 We began our first Vigil in the upstairs function room which has adjoining kitchens. During the evening we heard movement and banging sounds coming from the kitchen which we hope will be caught on the condenser mic or the digital voice recorder. The Trifield Meter was also heard going off,. The spirit of a young child has been seen on the stairs and footprints have appeared on a dusty surface.. During glass devination a child did make it's self known and moved the glass and attempted to move the table. We are hoping a little voice we heard will have been caught on the audio equipment Franks Box The Franks box never fails to disappoint us. Tonight we got a spirit telling us to "Get out" he did'nt really like us and came over as very aggressive.. Another gave us a full name which has never happened before. Vigil 2 For the last vigil we moved down into the public bar. Some of the team members worked with staff doing Glass Devination to give them experience on how a Paranormal Team works.They were amazed at some of the results. We had a great investigation and now the hard work begins on checking our Zooms H2s Voice recorders and night vision cameras for EPVs etc. Results will be published on our web site. This is an on going investigation and we have been invited to return on a future date. Anne