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We will be updating this site regularly, posting photo's of investigations, location reports, and sharing some of the evidence we may have captured..............

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  Welcome to Ghost Searchers Ireland
Ghost Searchers Ireland was formed on 27/2/2011, and is a non profit group. WE as a team believe that both spiritual and scientfic means working side by side is the only way forward! We will be using the state of art scientific equipment plus using the spiritual side dating back hundreds of years. We will be travelling the length and bredth of Ireland and maybe further afield conducting exciting new experiments and theories along the way!

The team consists of Caron, Anne, Gary, Warren,and Amy and our US correspondent Lisa Krick!

Anne has been investigating for nearly eight years, Caron and Gary five years....

The team goes into every location using strict protocol and as skeptics unless we find concrete evidence saying otherwise.

ANLAR TV is showing films of our investigations plus PTVN who are showing our investigations also. Every now and again, tune in and see other programmes of all different topics that you might find interesting....

We ourselves at GSI are looking for definitive proof that ghosts/spirits do exsist! So watch this space.............

If you need help with a haunting just get in contact with the team, we will be happy to help you, we do not charge,our services are free of charge! We never post private investigations on our site.........


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If you believe you are experiencing a haunting or other paranormal phenomena please do not hesitate to contact us at our Email Address above, or on our hotline number 07761693613..... We aim to respond to all cases as quickly as possible. If you are unable to contact us straight away, please leave a message or send us a text, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. IMPORTANT IMFORMATION: This number is soley for people who are having Paranormal problems in their home and NOT for contacting any of the G.S.I team regarding other matters!! If you need to contact the team do so through the email address!! Thankyou......


This is a collection of songs our friends and members has picked for our jukebox! Enjoy......


G.S.I are a non profit group! We do not charge for investigtions, the team is dedicated purley to the research of the paranormal....... 28/2/2011

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