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*** NEW Public Ghost Hunt Announcement***... ---------------------------- The Ghost Searchers Ireland team will be conducting a Public Ghost Hunt as we open its Doors at The World famous Queens street Hospital Ruc Station next Wednesday in Belfast on the ** 26 TH of November ** Just across from the city hall... Starts at 8pm to midnight and it's only £25 per person.. Pay at the door every one is welcome .. With Tea or Coffee during the evening break..If you would like to go and investigate this A listed Amazing building...Yous will be investigating the Reception, Lock in Cell on your own.. If your brave enough for 5 minutes. The Morgue. The NEW Coffin room.2 Scrying rooms. The Séance room.The Shadow room.The Whisper room. And the Old nursery and the Experiment room..And experieance this wonderful building an a hot spot for Paranormal Teams and very popular with the public with experiments galore. ((( SEE YOUS THERE ))) Doors open at 7pm .... ---------------------------------------------------------

We will be updating this site regularly, posting photo's of investigations, location reports, and sharing some of the evidence we may have captured..............

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If you believe you are experiencing a haunting or other paranormal phenomena please do not hesitate to contact us at our Email Address above, or on our hotline number 07761693613..... We aim to respond to all cases as quickly as possible. If you are unable to contact us straight away, please leave a message or send us a text, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. IMPORTANT IMFORMATION: This number is soley for people who are having Paranormal problems in their home and NOT for contacting any of the G.S.I team regarding other matters!! If you need to contact the team do so through the email address!! Thankyou......

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G.S.I are a non profit group! We do not charge for investigtions, the team is dedicated purley to the research of the paranormal....... 28/2/2011

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