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G.S.I. are having a charity ghost hunt in aid off CANCER RESEARCH UK on Friday 31st July at the wonderful Ducketts Grove. It would be great to see everyone there in support off this worthwhile cause.

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We are working on other private cases and exciting projects that have came to the table we are working on ......

Welcome to Ghost Searchers Ireland
Here's our NEW update on what the team have done so far from February 2011..GSI was formed on the 27/2/2011 .. The members and founders are Caron Watters Gary Watters,and Anne Mckinstrey, our new GSI Team recruits Adrian Bloomer ,James Bowie.We are Spiritual & we are also very interested in gathering evidence of the spiritual world through Scientific means which we believe gives us that perfect balance for purely paranormal research . We travel the length and breadth of the country & have investigated some of the most Active locations in Ireland ...Doing private cases as well as castles,bars tunnels mines ETC ..We have also went to England in Febuary where we investigated Chillingham Castle and back in april to invesigate Castle Keep .. .We have made a fly on the wall documentary for local network with a local Belfast producer also we where approached by an American TV producer and we have filmed a pilot show for a American Popular TV networks hopefully coming out 2012 ...September 2013 we done a Investigation at Crumlin road Gaol in Belfast for Australian TV network on channel 9 called ** Explore TV travel Channel..HERES THE LINK TO WATCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOFQyNf9Ch4**. Also we done a TV interview into Canada on Soul Work with Jeni..And back in 2008 gary and caron appeared on GMTV on a case of ghost sighting at a side of the road in Northern Ireland .... .We are also be available for doing other ( ANY TV projects ) which we can be contacted through our email address . Gary Watters appeared on the kevin Smith show in America which goes out live to 50 top countries world wide and apparently has 1.5 million listeners world wide..We have also been on radio on Ghost Chat Radio and also Keeping the Spirits alive & with Steve Parsons from most haunted on Ghost Chronicles International in the states and many newspapers covering our investigations around the country also magazines in America..With using new and exciting experiments to and very happy to share our experiences with you's. We will be working with experts in this field and using the new up to date scientific equipment to measure and record possible paranormal phenomena for research...Most of our investigations will be filmed and fly on the wall and will be posted on you tube and all our films are shown on the wonderful An Lar Internet TV and also NEW and exclusive owe are out in the states Zom - Bee TV in the states ...NEW we have recently received another offer to show our fly on wall invests.. Our email address is ghostsearchersireland@inbox.com Our SAYING FOR THE TEAM IS **( We are searching for Definitive Proof )** (WHEN WE GET CALLED TO A LOCATION WE DONT LOOK FOR GHOSTS/SPIRITS WE LOOK FOR ANSWERS) ..ENJOY OR WEBSITE ;-)

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Ghost Searchers Ireland public Liability Insurance Details ----------------------------------------------

Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd, 6 Congleton Road, Sandbach Cheshire CW11 1HN Policy NumberTWLB0009745

If you believe you are experiencing a haunting or other paranormal phenomena please do not hesitate to contact us at our Email Address above, or on our hotline number 07761693613..... We aim to respond to all cases as quickly as possible. If you are unable to contact us straight away, please leave a message or send us a text, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. IMPORTANT IMFORMATION: This number is soley for people who are having Paranormal problems in their home and NOT for contacting any of the G.S.I team regarding other matters!! If you need to contact the team do so through the email address!! Thankyou......

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